Title Wait For Me
Artist ONO
Album nothing entered
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There’s something in my heart that I kept inside
Deep within this heart of mine
I know it’s too late to say what I need to say
Cause you’re gone
So I’ll let the winds be my voice and whisper it to you heart
Of the words that I have long to say
Deep within this heart of mine

Please wait for me
Cause I know that fate has a place and a time
Thov koj tos kuv, txhob rawm ncaim mus
Vim kuv hlub koj ib leeg xwb

Dear girl there’s something I got to tell you
I know it’s too late now
But I just want you to know
That deep down in this heart
I’ve always loved you now and forever

Kuv lub siab yeej nyob ntawm koj ib sab
Tsis pub koj muaj kev ntxhov
Tus kuv hlub koj mus nyob deb
Los kuv lub siab yeej tseem nrog koj ib leeg
Tus kuv hlub kuv yuav nrhiav koj
Kom tau koj rov qab los nrog kuv ua ke
Mus tas ib txhis
Mus tas ib txhis

Chorus x3

(Please wait for me)

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