Title Baby Don’t Cry
Artist IIU
Album nothing entered
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yo everynight i pray for better days
twinkle twinkle little star
wonder where you are
up above the sky so high
like a diamond in the night
tell me why (tell me why)
why cant i have this wish i wish tonight
sliced by a knife torn apart
shot a bullet straight to your heart
gone with the wind left you all alone
shut the door, curtains close
hey no ones home
painting in my mind, see our old playground
hope floats memories of you
lingers all around try to let go
move on be strong
smile maybe laugh at times
why am i lving in my own lies
tell me how..tell me now
how do i turn back the hands of time
u gave me all
eyes to see strength to speak air to breathe
what can be worst that this on your list
never last always put me first
i dont blame myself being a curse

oh baby dont cry
im here by your side
youre never alone
youre always in my heart
oh baby dont cry
im right by your side
youre never afar
youre always in my heart

no mountain’s too high enough
for you to climb
ill be by your side
until the end of time

unconditional love thats what you gave me
im not a blind mice
why didnt i take the time to see
never knew love until one is lost (til i love U)
now i know everything went right
in my life had you by my side
another shot at love (one more shot)
wipe your tears away
everythings gonna be okay
broken wings angel in disguise
dont u cry here’s my wings
heal your pain fly again

repeat chorus

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