Title Wind In The Sea Of My Heart
Artist WhyteShadows
Album nothing entered
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I can still remember that night
When I just watched you dance away and away
And it all just seemed so long
When i watched you in someones arms wishing that I was her

And then I heard my favorite song
And I looked at you and you looked at me too
And I knew this song was made for us
And I reached my arms to you but someone took you before I could

Can this night be our night tonight
When I will be holding you
Don\’t let that song pass again without you in my arms
You may think that I don\’t care for you
But my heart is breaking for you
Because you are the wind in the sea of my heart

If you are in my arms right now
I can make your world feel so right and so bright
I believe our love was meant to be
For we are right here tonight to make our destiny complete


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