Title Love Is Strong
Artist Paradise
Album nothing entered
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Kuv nyiam koj thaum sawv ntxov
Li tus me nyuam uas tsaug zog
Koj lub cev sov so
Nyob ntsiag to tsis muaj dabtsi ntxhov

Koj tsim dheev los nrog kuv
Kuv muaj txoj hmoo kuv tau thov lub ntuj
Kom wb ua neej laus mus
Kuv cog lus tias kuv yuav hlub

Every time I look into your eyes
Everything your smile, the way you tease me
Everywhere no matter where I am
I carry you in my heart

I look into your eyes
Nothing can describe what I feel
I can’t believe you’re mine
You are my guiding light
When I’m lost you help me find my way home
You are the one I’ve been waiting for


No matter what your friends may do or say
No matter what may come along the way
Our love is strong no doubt about it
Nothing can tear us apart

You are my best friend
You light up my days with your smile
You bring me sunshine
The light that sees me through the years


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