Title In My Diary
Artist Da Players
Album nothing entered
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Now that you left and out of my life
I want you to know that
I’ll remember the many times we talked
Our laughter and tears

I’ll cherish you and your memories too
I don’t really know when I’ll see you again
But when I do, I hope you’ll remember me too

Remember me as I was before
I hope you keep the moments of us
The promises we made and later been broke

I think of you fairly often
Hoping that you will be fine
I\\\’m still wishing you the best of luck
It\\\’s hard for me now to learn how to trust
But in my heart I’ll remember you

I’ll never forget how good it was
The share of time of my life with you
I’ll treasure your kisses deep inside of me
There have been a scar
Deep within my heart and you were the one to heal that pain
You took away the hurt and I came alive

I know that someday we both will see
It\\\’s truly love that will last forever
My hopes and your wishes and our dreams will come true
Remember to keep that lovely smile
Brighten up like a star in the sky
Keep it shining please do it for me
I’ll be alright and hope you\\\’re too
It\\\’s now the time for me to say goodbye
So take care of yourself I’ll be missing you


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